Shop “Bizon”

Large size clothing for big men in Tallinn.


You are welcomed by the staff magazine “Bizon”. Large size clothing for big men. We work in Tallinn over 12 years, and at the mall WW PASSAAZ about 5 years. Doing large clothing for both men and women (unisex).

We offer our customers a wide selection of quality clothing at affordable prices. Product for our customers to order directly in the factories, given the needs of our customers. We work with the goods from Germany and other European manufacturers.

Shop conveniently located for residents of the capital, and for her guests. WW PASSAAZ, shopping center, with its shops,, Bizon,,, located in the heart of Tallinn in one hundred (100) meters from the main gate to the Old City, “Virusskih gate.”

Shop around there is convenient parking for cars.

Welcome back!